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7 Rules for Recruiters When Texting with Candidates

7 Golden Rules for Recruiters When Texting Candidates

  1. Get Consent – Always get the candidate’s permission to text them.
  2. Stay Professional – Keep your text messages formal and avoid using slang or emojis.
  3. Be Brief – Keep your messages short and to the point.
  4. Provide Context – Make sure your text messages are clear and provide enough context.
  5. Respect Privacy – Don’t text candidates outside of business hours or discuss sensitive information over text.
  6. Follow Up – Respond promptly when the candidate replies to your text messages.
  7. Use Texting for Timely Communication Only – Avoid using texting as the primary communication method throughout the recruitment process.

By following these 7 golden rules, recruiters can use texting effectively to communicate with candidates and improve the recruitment process.

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